Monday, February 8, 2010

Cranky, Bitchy, and not in a good mood

Ok I am back to post yet another blog. Go figure right? I mean I don't aim to whine but damn this female issue is just getting so damn old. I stay tired. I don't even have the dam energy to get up in the morning. Just feels like someone has landed a curse on me and for what? I mean come on I crawled out of a cesspool of a relationship I had for over 20 years, finally found happiness, got myself a wonderful husband who loves me so much. Bless his heart he gives 100% always concerned and asking if I am ok. He even tells me he is sorry I feel so bad. It just makes me wonder why me?Haven't I suffered enough in the past?Don't I deserve to at least to be fucking happy without complications for a dam change!

All I want is to wake up and have my happy life back. Piss on his ex in laws who are trying to make our life hell because they are money grubbing leeches! They are using my husbands son like a money bag. Milking the poor thing using him for anything they can get. Who suffers the child does. For that they need to burn in hell or better yet live in purgatory for he rest of their lives. Ya know it is a shame that you can't kill ignorance but I don't want to end up in prison like their daughter the alcoholic!

Well enough bitching for now it at least helps to get it off my chest. My good friend Angie was right free therapy LOL!

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  1. Super-free therapy!!! Things will get better. I hate when people tell me that but it is true. Sometimes it just takes awhile...