Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This and that

Gee you ever wake up and wonder why the hell I am here? Of course you do... well don't you?...Yes you do then realize that Mother Nature is just not a horrible figment of your imagination by laying like a ferocious fanged snake in the grass just waiting to play evil little tricks on you because she has nothing else to do, and retorts by slapping ya right in the face with I am going to make you bleed to death! So I am now fighting back by supporting Proctor and Gambel by buying mass amounts of always pads for over a month! Hell I even got the symbolic flag of the proverbial pad in my front yard. HA I win..Or at least so I thought! Sheesh! But hey at least it is wishful thinking right? *Chuckles manically as I twist my hair with my forefinger while singing the ode to the pad supply!*

So I am being so cynical "yeah and I know it too." I have reason to be for some of it. Female bodies should come with a warning label after 40! arthritis sinks in, knees goes bad, hands start working their own way and not yours,female issues. "OH GOD" I told the doc to take it out and use it for target practice because I sure as hell don't want it anymore! Oh and the sex life if you want to call it one here lately reminds me of the hyena's in Lion King...Hey do you like your sex life? As I reply...Yeah I do why?... Mother Nature cackles in my head "Kiss it good bye cause there it goes!" also have many things to be thankful for like for instance a wonderful husband who loves me very much.Bless his heart he is so understanding.Two beautiful kids, three god daughters who are so pretty and smart, My dog,and most of all my friends.

Ok enough of my mutated ramblings but at least it is off my chest. See ya soon or at least I hope I do.

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